Affordable smartwatches, every each of them with its special story to tell. This time steps in Zeblaze Blitz. By any means Blitz is not fashion watch, it is oriented for casual wearing or people who are in sports.

Zeblaze Blitz

But what really is Zeblaze Blitz? To put it in simple words Blitz is smartphone on your wrist. It is MTK6580 device with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, it is running android 5.1 heavily customized for smartwatch experience, and yes it supports Micro SIM card which enables option to be standalone device which doesn’t need to be connected to your phone over Bluetooth.

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Build quality of device is solid, external casing is made of hard plastic which feels excellent on touch. Wrist is made of soft plastic and it also feels excellent. Speakerphone and microphone are placed on the left side. And they perform surprisingly good, sound is loud and clear considering that this is a smartwatch. Voice calling works good but its usability should be considered because everybody will hear what you speak and what other side is speaking.

On the right we see 2mpx fixed focus camera, quality of photos and videos can be seen on samples provided. Personally I don’t see any serious use of camera like this, but for fun it is ok.

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Thing which interested me the most when i got Zeblaze blitz was android experience. I must admit that having complete android system on wrist is really good thing. Flexibility which you get is outstanding, considering that complete android experience is on wrist of your hand. Play store offers immense number of applications for download. But i noticed few downsides, which won’t ruin usability but they are worth to mention. First of all to be clear that this is not android wear, it is android 5.1 . Some of apps will be hard to use and on some places it is hard to navigate. Other than this system works fast and fluid, it rarely stutters or lags but it can happen here and there.

I want to jump on my overall feel about this watch, first of all it is really well made device. But after some time of using it I cant say that it is perfect but I also cant say that it is bad either. Positive things as mentioned before are build quality and overall usability, you have 2 options to connect smartwatch with your phone and get notifications to watch from phone, or you can use it as standalone device by inserting Micro sim inside.

Blitz supports 3g network, Wi-Fi and GPS which makes it really good companion when you want to stay light. Personally I was using it in this way when I was on beach, it was practical way to stay connected but not need to worry bag with tech. And what is bad thing, first of them all is battery life, you really need to manage what you use. If you turn all connectivity I will need to disappoint you, Blitz will last you around half day. If you manage your usage pattern you can definitely get full day of usage, but one thing is sure battery life could be better.

You can watch my video about Zeblade Blitz on YouTube it is complete in depth review!


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Zeblaze Blitz Review | Android On Wrist
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