Each product has its customer, that is what I know from my personal experience. The tale goes like this, 6.44inches well that sounded like way too much. And really I was pretty sure that Xiaomi Maxx will be too big to even consider for daily use.

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We have 4 versions with 2 different chipsets, in first group we have weakest option with 16GB Storage and 2GB of RAM, next is 32GB Storage with 3GB of ram and this is unit in review both of these are powered with Snapdragon 650 chipset. In second group we have 64GB Storage with 3GB of RAM and most generous version is 128GB of Storage with 4GB of ram, these 2 are powered with Snapdragon 652. Personally I find this 32GB version with 64GB version which I see now cost nearly the same as 32GB model to be sweet spot or best buy.

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Xiaomi Max is unique breed of phones from, I never had experience with huge device like this, I had fears about usability, weight and so on … But here are we and I started liking it on first look and touch.

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I’m personally really satisfied with final output of images from Xiaomi Mi Max.


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