If you are in search for smartwatch of any kind you will realize that usually with them major issue is battery life. This leads to two options. First one are smartwatches with full color screen which in majority have battery life approximately one to two days at best.

[eafl id=”2261″ name=”Xiaomi Amazfit” text=”Xiaomi Amazfit”] Specifications:

Processor::1.2GHz dual-core processor
Operating System::Proprietary OS
Display::1.34-inch display 320 x 300 px
Memory::4 GB, 512 MB
Battery::280mAh, Normal Usage five days; pure watch mode 11.6 days.
Sensors::28nm GPS sensor,heart rate monitor…

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Xiaomi Amazfit Smartwatch – https://goo.gl/Un1PjS ENGLISH VERSION 104$ Red Color


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