Accessories which are made from product manufacturer always have special place in my heart. Why? Well they are usually the best quality, but also with highest price. But that’s why i decided to make this review, to see if that is the case with SJCAM.

SJCAM M20 Selfie Stick Smart Remote

First thing which i will cover is SJCAM Smart Remote, SJCAM M20 is the first SJCAM camera which introduced feature to be remotely controlled. For that purpose, we use Smart Remote.

With price tag of 20 dollars, it is good bargain and i will explain you why, we see squarish device mounted on wristband, it can be removed and used as handheld device. Build quality is really good, top is made of rubber plastic, buttons offer decent feedback. Controls offered are everything you need to have. Turn on off Wi-Fi, start or stop video recording, change from video to taking pictures mode, everything is possible with this tiny device.


Pressing keys will power on 4 led lights, when you take pictures or start recording video you will hear notification sound from camera.

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Controller is advertised as weather proof but not as waterproof, which means that you can’t use it when you swim or underwater. But i consider that this is not a big deal, you can still get it wet or splashed with water but i wouldn’t submerge it.

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Battery life is long enough to forget about it. Controller use CR 2032 3V battery, which means that when it dries out you will need to replace it with new one

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Range is around 15 meters if there is no obstacles in line of sight. One neat trick is to remove device from wristband and use provided adapter to mount controller to SJCAM selfie stick.

Which leads as to second accessory which is selfie stick SJCAM branded. Stick have 3 collapsible segments made of metal with lock mechanism which is neat thing to have, maximal length is 71cm and minimal 28cm. Bottom part is covered with rubber which provides good grip.

Personally i consider that everyone who have action camera on top of all standard accessories needs to have stick. It offers multiple options for recording in various situations and now when we speak about this SJCAM model with price of 17usd i consider it as good bargain. In the end i can warmly recommend these two SJCAM accessories, they are good quality and offer features which can make your life easier.

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SJCAM M20 Smart Remote Watch & Selfie Stick Review | Offical Accessories
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