SJCAM always managed to provide good bang for the buck, their latest incarnation is called SJCAM M20.
Specifications are slight improvement over SJ5000x, 16 MP IMX206 sensor combined with Novatek 96660 chipset,
Built-in gyro is also present. 166 degrees adjustable FOV for wide, normal and narrow. Overall this is not a huge upgrade looking spec vise.

16 MP IMX206 sensor
Novatek 96660 chip
Motion detection
166 degree adjustable FOV for wide, normal and narrow
Built-in gyrometer, anti-shake
Feature micro HDMI and micro USB as well as WiFi
1.5 inch live view LCD display
Video resolution: 4K 24fps, 2K 30fps, 1080P 60fps / 30fps, 720P 120fps / 60fps / 30fps, VGA 240fps
Battery: 3.8V 800mAh


Looking at camera we see slight design philosophy change since m10 and m10+ .Camera is a bit taller but it light enough to be considered as viable option to be used with drones. In hand it feels solid, I can say that build quality is a bit better than sj5000x.

M20 Review

On the top of camera, we see power on off and confirm button with led light in the middle.


At the right side there are 2 buttons which are used for different things depending where are you located in the menu of camera, in the middle we see microphone holes.


Left side is filled with ports, micro hdmi output with usb input for charging and synchronization. Micro SD slot accept 64gb micro SD cards without any problem.


Looking at back we see 1.5-inch screen with not too much impressive viewing angles. Overall screen is good enough for what is intended to be used, but still there could be some improvements in the future.


Under the screen we see grills, speaker is placed in middle, other holes are used for camera to be called down and better sound spread. 2 led lights are placed on top of the screen.


At the bottom there is a bit better battery compartment than before, it is more solid. Battery inside is redesigned with capacity of 900mAh.


Front side is made of rubber feel plastic it is solid and nice on touch, Sony sensor looking directly at you under it sjcam logo with 2 led lights under it.


Enough with exterior now i will show you menu features of SJCAM M20

All this is cool and in general improvement, but what about video quality. On page 2 you will be able to read my conclusion about SJCAM M20


To conclude things

All this is cool and in general improvement, but what about video quality. I must admit that i really like what i see when i watch video samples from m20, 2k 30fps videos are really joy to watch, sharp with good white balance and good color representation, yes I know color is a bit saturated but i personally like that on action camera it brings life to the world, you want to record movie like footage buy real camera for that.

4k with 24fps is better than before, no more smudgy spots everything looks polished out huge plus from me. 1080p both 30 and 60fps is a lot better on m20 it looks more detailed than before 60fps is really god for DVR mode and overall I can’t complain about camera performance.

I want to stop down here and speak why i prefer to use 2k at 30fps overall. I considered it sweet spot, constant 30fps with excellent bitrate is enough for daily use in variable situations. You get sharp footage with good representation of what you record, and yes you can always quickly step down on 1080p 60fps for those fast action situations.

Untouched video and still samples can be downloaded from here – Samples

Feature which was joy to test was gyro stabilization, it performs excellent in this sample footage you can clearly see difference when is turned off and on, i don’t have complaints just words of positivity.

Sound quality was problem before for SJCAM and what is situation here on M20, improvement is noticeable out of the box but still i believe that there is a lot of space for improvements.

Battery Life

No any less important part is battery life, i will first speak about negative thing, which is battery shape change, so you won’t be able to use let’s say 5000x batteries.

In other hand i was really pleased with battery life, which provided 1 hour and 50 minutes at 2k 30fps and identical amount of time for 4k 24fps. Testing was done with minimal screen use and gyro turned on.

That is way to go SJCAM


To conclude things M20 is step in right direction overall, improvement over at this point already oldish sj5000x model is present, yes i know it is not direct successor but still i hope i near future we can get true successor.


With M20 you get overall excellent action camera for low amount of money, even still photos are pretty good, there is also an option to shoot pictures in un compressed format and additionally edit them.


Let’s don’t forget a rich package content with all accessories needed to start using camera out of the box.


Also if you have sj5000x you can sell it for good amount of money and do an upgrade with minimal investment, or just keep sj5000x in either way you won’t do a mistake.

To check price of SJCAM M20 click here



Also you can watch SJCAM M20 video review here:



SJCAM M20 Review | Path In Right Direction
SJCAM once more proven why is the best choice in budget segment.
Video Quality9.2
Build Quality8.5
  • Excellent 4k,2k & 1080P 30/60FPS
  • Outstanding gyro stabilisation
  • Price & rich package content
  • No external microphone option
  • Remote sold separately
9Overall Score