So you are looking for new SSD, but you don’t plat to buy that expensive Samsung EVO, than you are on right place. In this short review i will test one interesting SSD from china brand KingDian, exact model number is KingDian S280 240GB.

KingDian S280 240GB

KingDian S280 housing front cover is made of metal, back side is standard plastic with specifications.

KingDian S280 240GB

But what is interesting and mostly important is performance! Which are outstanding considering the price and how much you need to pay for some more known brand.

KingDian S280 240GB

As you can see around 550 MB/s Read with 361 MB/s for write.

You can watch my video review also.

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KingDian SSD 240GB Review S280 | Bang For The Buck
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